In An Alien Republic : A Poem

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(It is a poem I once conceived in my idle moments that ushered me into a world of surealistic reality in a heaven of passion and I got immersed in a dead drop nothingness.)

Night fiddles all along the way
In darkness of light
While memory burns
Ashes of diamond
Gathering dust and foam
In long satanic verses
Lightyears of darkness
Breaking in orator’s voices
Of symphonic violence
While the makers make merry
And nomadic silence lengthens
All alone I chase and chase
The unwept delights
Crossing the varicose lifeline
Of lame excuses
Of the follicles of lies, never bending
And elusive temptations
The saga of truth and reality
Dropping dead at the far corner
In a rosebowl
Of thunder and blasphemy
Never to embrace
My sweating soul as ever
As I look straight
From my oracular existence
To the pursuit of futile beauty
To forward my last testament

As I shoot the arrow
Off the bow of hunter’s lazy bone
At the triangular moon
Silently the remote night befalls
Over the vanquished shadow
Of the disguised deadman
Walking in long stride
Darkly along the caravan’s way
To blare the siren of warring stars
Into the writhing pain
Of the masked phantoms

Still the night fiddling
Darkness of light escaping
To the safe heaven
Of corupscular peninsula

As I step longingly
Into the banana republic
As I go into skewed daydreaming
Like a lamb of an alien world
Visibly thawrted by the fun and fury
Of the highnoon orthography
At the invisible railway station
The junction train whistles past the night
To take a ferry to the beleagured whiteship

And I leave the alien world in a huff
To heave a sigh of relief of measured breaths
So that I can worship the dynastic complexion
Of the banana republic more over as ever
In the fiddling night 
That spreads over the light of darkness
All along the way, all along the varicose life.


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