The Staff

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The Staff

(This poem is based on a short story I wrote called victory’s defeat.)

Tunnel so deep,

Diving to your plummage

And planting a prize to reap.

Funny vixens

Speaking nonsense

Laugh and snicker at my decisions.

Lady love

Has gone missing,

As I wait for as answer from above.

Loddi giggles,

While Pordo stares.

To learn my destination, still I a pull the spindle.

“Dive into the water, stranger,”

Is their command.

Who am I to deny their wish?

“The staff is what you seek.”

They say, but I deny.

It is for a woman my tears reak.

Where is my sweet Oli Blossom

Under these rapids.

Through this cave of darkness I’m bound to run.

Call to me in time,

Sweet angel voice.

My journey continues on down the line.

I found the other partner,

But unbound to her I am.

For the grace of my flower I become the long distance runner.

Sheeba comes to me in hopes

That I possess the prize.

For the disappearance of the bloom we both can not cope.

Back to a barren beach

Are we bound to wonder,

Absorbing the sand like a leech.

But somewhere is the distance

A movement is seen-

One out of place in its stance.

Sleeping in purity,

Exhaustion consumes her.

Clutching the staff in one hand, senses come to me.

It is because of thee,

Great rod of wonder,

You powers be gracious to give her back to me.


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