Cost of Love

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Each Love has a different value

Falling in Love comes with a price

Each love different then the past 

Sometimes you pay with your pride

Love can even take your life

There’s a price for happiness

Broken hearts pay the most for love

Love can cost you everything

Sex can even pay the cost

Usually your heart pays the price

You may keep paying but it’s never enough

Giving of the heart can be easy

It’s trying to get the heart back is what’s hard

A heart is to be filled with Love

The Love is a gift from the Lord

You chose who receives it and when

How much you give is the price you pay

Most Love comes in either happiness or sadness

Some Love you aren’t going to get back

Others can give more than they receive

Love can be never saying “sorry”

Giving little can be more than giving lots

People can use Love to get what they want

All Love comes with a price

Love can mean never letting go

Forever in Love has a cost

There are Loves that you never touch

Only you know the value of your Love

There’s a Love in friendship

A Love from siblings or parents

Love can be given unconditionally

Doing things that you Love to do

A romantic Love is being on Cloud 9

Giving your Love back to the Lord

Having faith knowing what Love is all about

Love can be putting others first you last

It’s better to Love once then never Love at all

When you Love someone you Love all of him or her

Some Love can be felt at a glance, a nod, or smile

Love can come during a heat of passion

One moment can change lust into Love

Love means forgiving but never forgetting

Love can end sometimes before it even begins


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