Office Romance

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It started out just me

Liking you

Thought you were cute

But then you came around

Slowly exchanging smiles

Then one day an email

You asked about “us”

But there was no “us”

You started asking me things

Trying to get to know me

That latest awhile

Before things moved on

We never let people know

That we were talking

Then one day during

Our usual morning meeting

You grabbed my hand

Holding my hand

Letting your thumb massage my hand

Me doing the same to you

You always stood behind me

Trying not to let people see

But to me people knew

Because my hands stayed at my back

And you were always there

Yet you never came back

To say goodnight or anything

Just sending me an email

Everyday just smiles to each other

Never saying anything out loud

We heard that people knew

But we never spoke of it

The hand holding made things

As real as we were going to get

Then the day came when we found

One another alone

We got close to each other quick

Not saying a word

First moving to a hug

Our hands around one another

Just slowly moving for the kiss

We kissed like all the passion in the world

It was as time stopped

Our arms around one another

We slowly stopped

Still kissing for many moments

Just looking at one another

As though falling in love

You spoke saying you were going home

That you would see me in the morning

You slowly kissed me bye

Then leaving the room

The next day at the meeting

The usual like nothing had changed

The usual hand holding

Neither saying a word

About our first kiss

Just the same thing

Day after day

We had became “us”

Yet no one really knew

That was our office romance.


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