How to Enhance Green Eyes

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Natural born green eyes offer a very stunning look. Green eyes create an exciting look that everyone can be jealous of.  It is the kind  of color that a lot of people crave for. This eye color always appear so intensely mysterious as if you are hiding some secret. Stunning eyes only deserve stunning make-up and complementary clothes. Here are some make-up tricks and tips on careful selection of clothing that can enhance further the beauty of your green eyes.

1. In choosing make up colors, use warm pink, or rose tone on the crease and underneath the eye. These colors make sparkling green eyes shine even brighter.

Eye shadow colors that tend to magnify the rich hue of green eyes include the copper family, coral, apricots and some pink tones. Avoid using eye shadow in shades of green since this will distract from your beautiful eye color.

When choosing eyeliner, it is best to use that is the same shade as what you are applying. You can further enhance your green eyes color by choosing a blush and lipstick in a complimentary shade such as lipstick and blush in tones of peach, apricot, and coral can deepen the green in your eyes.

2. In choosing the clothes colors, you will want take into consideration your skin tone and hair color to avoid looking washed out. You may add some green to your wardrobe to enhance the color of your green eyes.

If you have red hair and green eyes, you’ll look striking in the warm orange and copper shades.  Whereas if you have pale skin, you’ll want to select cooler shades of clothing.  Gold can be a particularly attractive color on many women with green eyes. Put on jewelry and earring accessories which can play up your color and call attention to your face and eyes.


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