How to Use Make-up to Make You Look Younger

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As you age,  it is a good idea to modify your make-up.  Even  few minor changes can make a difference to your overall appearance.  If you have already the idea of how to apply make-up in such a way that makes you look far younger than your age, then you wouldn’t need  to buy expensive cosmetics or opt  to avail of cosmetic surgery.  With make-up changes, your skin will look younger and face feels fresher. It also inspires confidence since it helps you put your best face in public.  Some tips and suggestions in using make-up to make look younger.

1.Be resourceful to seek professional  consultation. You may shop and try different services of make-up professionals  to give you an idea which suits you best before deciding to buy cosmetics which might turn out expensive and could create a big slash on your hard earned money.

2.  Other tip is switch from applying heavy make-up to lighter make-up. As you age,  you need to apply lighter make-up to cover up flaws and make your face look youthful. Heavy make up accentuate skin sagging and wrinkles and can actually make you look older.

3. Select a foundation with added  moisturizers  and sunscreen to protect not only your skin but give it a dewy glow. Your foundation should match to your true skin color as closely as possible and should be applied with a light touch. Translucent powder designed for mature skin should be applied once to set your make-up.

4. Switch to a cream blusher with a subtle tone that is compatible  with your skin tone. 

5. As skin aging occurs, use a juicy-looking lip gloss and a matching liner to give a sophisticated youthful look to your lips. 

6. Choose a lighter shade of eyeliner and lighter eye shadow shades.  They tend to open up the eyes and make them look more flattering.  Apply light mascara to avoid making lids too heavy.


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