How to Clean Your Dryer Filter the Right Way

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If you are like me, you clean out the large lint ball from your dryer filter vent after each use; and you do this over and over again. Did you know if you use dryer sheets it can, overtime, clog the filter and restrict airflow. This how to will provide you with a simple tip to restore the air flow and efficiency in your dryer.

Things You’ll Need:

·     Screw driver (depending on model)

Step 1:REMOVE FILTER SCREEN:Dryer sheets and fabric softeners help our clothes feel and smell better but not all of the additives in those products stay on your clothes. They can also be found in the lint that naturally gets produced during the drying process. As the heat from the dryer softens these additives, they will have a tendency to stick to the filter screen. Over time this restricts airflow.

Step 2:WASH WITH WARM SOAPY WATER: After you are have removed the screen, wash it with warm soapy water. Be careful not to put a lot of pressure on the screen as you can break it.

Step 3:RE-INSTALL FILTER SCREEN: Make sure you have cleaned the screen well. Hand dry the filter screen before re-installing.

Step 4:ANNUAL MAINTENANCE: This should be done annually to help maintain optimum dryer performance and restore the airflow back to near manufacturer’s specifications.

Step 5:OPERATE DRYER: Operate the dryer normally. It should perform better and help maintain the overall life of the machine.


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