How to Know God or to Become Closer

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Are you more religious or more spiritual? Do you know the difference between the two? Becoming more religious, does not put you closer to God. In fact, it disconnect you from God. Becoming more spiritual will put you in alignment with our creators. What is spirituality? How do you get to knowGod? Continue to read this article to learn to become more spiritual than religious. This will put you closer to the Divine.

How do you look at people around you? Are you judgmental and think you are above others or holier than thou? Do look at the negative side of people or consistently talking about hell and the devil? Do you dissociate with people who are not the same religion as you? Do you judge people and tell them that they are going to hell, even though you sinned more than they do? If you said yes, then you are more religious and living more in the flesh. The danger of being religious is that the holy books can be misinterpreted and used to justify harm onto others, based on a person’s gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, and age. When reading holy books that were transcribed by the writer, it is important to know if it is from God or man. We as a human being have inalienable rights, regardless of customs and laws. God gave these rights to us and no other person has the right to take them away.

Think about how Jesus and other spiritual beings have operated on a daily basis. People claiming to be Christians, should think about these questions. Are you Christlike? Do you follow the teaching of Christ? Jesus was very loving, forgiving, and was sent here by the father and mother as an example of how to live righteous. He saved us from ourselves.

Are you a loving, kind, and nonjudgmental person? If you see a homeless person on the street, do you judge him or her? Do you see God in everyone? Do you deal with the spirit and not the flesh of people? Do you put aside envy, jealousy, fear, competitiveness, ego, greed, pride, control issues? Do you forgive others who have trespassed against you? Do you seek happiness from within? Do you treat people how you want to be treated? Do you wish people well? If you said yes, then you are more spiritual. This put you more in alignment with our creators. This is how you knowGod.

God is all loving all the time. We separate ourselves from God when we deal with our flesh, like being envy or having hatred inside our heart. Find love within your heart and spread it to others. This is how to know God or to become closer.


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