If he is unfaithful….Chapter Two

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If he is Unfaithful….Chapter Two

As soon as you feel he might be having an affair,
do a life check; your life, not his.

Make sure you exist as a person, not just
Mrs. Husband.  And make sure you know how
‘the money goes’.

Who owns the house, the car, the money,
where is the money?

If you leave, where do you go?
Do you have a place?
Do you enough money to buy a home in
your own name?

Let us be serious; once the flag of adultery
goes up, Divorce is in the game.

Getting a divorce on your terms, when you
want is a plus.  Being divorced or having
to move before you are ready is a minus.

One of the best bits of advice ever given
to a wife was;

“This year he made one million dollars,
next year he might make five. Half of
five is more than half of one.”

Too many women provoke the denouement.
They catch the man before they are ready
to terminate the marriage. Then it becomes
a battle over property.

She may be arguing over the sofa, and he
is telling his mates how she can’t live
without him.

There is no benefit for the betrayed wife
to divorce her husband until she is ready.

As long as she doesn’t catch him being unfaithful,
he does not know she is aware of his affair.

By not letting him know, she gets the upper hand.

She can be sorting out her life and property
while he is rolling on soiled sheets.

She can be ‘stealing’ house money, creating a
new life, while he has no idea she is planning
a divorce in three months.

Lulled into a false sense of security and
safety, he doesn’t need to take those
extra precautions.

He doesn’t need to change his passwords,
his call history, his movements as his
wife hasn’t caught him.

So he thinks.


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