How to Get Benefits from Yoga Fitness

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Yoga is a form of exercise that practice discipline to promote control of the body and mind. It teaches a system of techniques on meditation, different physical movements and postures,and proper breathing that can be used for managing stress, learning to relax, and increasing limberness. 

It promotes self-awareness through acquiring the deepest knowledge of self. The nature of the approach is a non-strenuous activities, which make it suitable for everyone, any age or physical condition. Yoga is not a religion nor has no fix set of beliefs. Its philosophy is that everything  comes from  within  the Self.  Regular daily practice of yoga of all parts produce a clear, bright mind, and as strong, capable body. To know the various types of yoga and its benefits .

1. Yoga  for managing insomnia can help  identify the habits that contribute to sleeplessness and slowly change them, and at the same time add more relaxation.  Doing deep breathing as part of pre-sleep routine will enable us to sleep better.

2.Hasya Yoga can help reduce stress, and enhance immune system. This is a fun way when chuckles, giggles and belly laughs are mixed with yoga, which becomes yoga laughter.

3. Facial Yoga comprises of series of toning and strengthening exercises for the muscles of your face. It helps to fight the wrinkles naturally.

4. Yoga Diet. Yogic diet is said be a lacto- vegetarian, which means that is made up entirely of non-animal foods with exceptions of milk, cheese, yoghurt, butter eggs and honey.


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