How To Enjoy Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas At Disney World

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Every year, Disney World hosts an awesome event called Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas. It is held select nights at the Magic Kingdom and is definitely the place to be for the holidays. You will need a ticket to the event and purchasing it in advance will save you some money. Here are my tips to make the trip a little easier:

  1. Go to Disney’s Official Web Site and look up the event: Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas . Decide what night you would like to go. If you purchase the tickets online, you have the option to print them from your computer or pay a fee to have them mailed to your home. These event tickets are usually less expensive than the regular admission price. The event usually starts at 7PM (when the park closes) and goes until 12 AM. Don’t let the hours fool you, you can enter the park as early as 4PM and get an armband to stay after the park closes for the event.
  2. Try to eat outside the park before you go. The ticket prices are cheaper for this event but the food prices aren’t any lower. It can cost you a pretty penny to eat there-especially if you have kids.
  3. Try not to take too much into the park unless you don’t mind waiting in line to get into the park. There are security tables at the front entrance that will need to search your bags and belongings should you wish to bring them into the park. My family usually brings the bare minimum to bypass the lines.
  4. When you get to the front gate, you will be given an armband to enter the event. You will also be given a brochure filled with important information about the festivities. You will want to get that brochure. It will tell you all about the event and where the free cookies and hot cocoa will be served as well as all the activities planned for the night. There are fireworks displays and parades and so much more that you wont want to miss.
  5. They make it a point to tell you that some attractions may be closed during this event but we have been going for years and have yet to run into that problem. In fact, since the park has limited admission for the event, we have never waited in any lines for any rides and they were all open…especially the big ones.
  6. Last but not least, enjoy yourself! Enjoy the holiday lights and the “snow” on Main street USA. You and your family will not be disappointed!

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