Mancow is the Best Morning Host

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You may remember the old Mancow and some of his stupid stunts. He would have strippers in studio and often would have contests that brought out the lowest common denominator. Then one day his life and every American’s life changed when September 11th made us take a deep look into our lives.

He decided that just living a hedonistic dream of a different girl every night and a fast life left a lot to be desired. He got married had two daughters and then his show changed. He is speaking out against the yo yo yo rapper mentality of money and drugs. Where is the value in one word songs and golden teeth in comparison with Mozart.

Daily he points out the failure of the politically correct world we live in. Maybe you think Mancow is crazy and is just another shock jock. Listen give him a chance. Listen to his brilliant framing of the challenges we face. Everyday we face evil and the unjust. If we do not stand up for values and morals our nation will fall. We need to clean out the political system and bring back the citizen statesman.

He offers a terrific segment on cutting the chains that hold us back. You were told you weren’t good enough but today is a new day and freedom within your grasp. Mancow a new type of morning radio show that deserves every listener they get. Mancow is now streaming his show on or listen on the radio.


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