How to Remember Not to Wear that Next Week

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If you are like me, sometimes it is difficult or impossible to remember what you wore a week or so ago. I am refering mostly to suits, shirts and ties. The same thing could be said for the ladies.

Step 1: There are a couple of way to tackle this task of remembering what you wore last week. Again, I am refering to suits, shirts and ties or dresses for the ladies.

Step 2: One method is to systematically place the clothes in the closest. Once you wear it and get it back from the cleaners place the clothes toward the back row. This depends on your closest design. The problem with the method is if you have multiple people placing and removing clothes in the closet. Couples tend to assist in some capacity with laundry, the other person may or may not know you system for inserting clothes in the closet.

Step 3: Another method, is to place a calendar of your choice on the back of your closet door (the inside). Tie a pen on a string and attach it to the calendar. Whenever you pull out the gray pin stripe suit with purple shirt and your power tie write it down on the calendar. You will definitly not wear that next Sunday by accident.

Step 4: Another benefit with the calendar is, the closet is the one place in the house that you have to go to get clothes. Put notes on your calendar or things to do. If you really have a poor memory then you can put your wife’s birthday or today is your anniversary.


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