How to wash your hands

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Hand-Washing. Washing hands. Simple right?

The means we call “Washing your hands”: a ritual most (unfortunately not all) people perform multiple times a day. Whether it be washing your hands with or without soap, its often brushed aside in the mind and almost second nature. Heres a list of steps that you can take to make your hand-washing methods supreme:

1.) The first thing to do when washing your hands, of course, is to run luke-warm to warm water through your hands. You have the option to rub your hands together if you’d like at this point.

2.) Apply some soap on one hand and rub your hands together for about 10-15 seconds making sure to get in between your nails, between your fingers, and your wrist. Before this step you can choose to turn the faucet off or leave it running.

3.) Now run your hands through warm water while rubbing them together. Simply rinse off the soap from your hands.

4.) Use a new and clean paper towel to dry your hands.

5.) If your in a public restroom, you may use the paper towel you used to dry your hands to open the door on your way out to keep your hands sanatized and not ridden with whatever germs the doorknob might carry. (You might not know it, but doorknobs can have a lot of germs)

Also if you have bar soap, when you’re rubbing your hands with the soap, you can scrub your nails into the soap to have a even cleaner result and feeling. The bar soap in between your fingers can be even more effective than liquid soap.

The reason why warm water is recommended is because of the fact that most bacteria do not survive in warm to hot water. By running you hands through warm water, you are effectively killing most bacteria in your hands. Also by adding soap, most if not all bacteria should be dissipated.

In the end, by going through these steps, you should have a pair of clean feeling, sanatized hands ready for work, eating, cooking, whatever you desire to do.


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