Shadows of my Love

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If I had only known that it was you standing in the shadows of my love

That has been by my side all along

Providing courage and strength through all the disappointment and trials that I have known

There was so many times that I thought, in my misery, that I was left to suffer alone

My only regret is that it has taken me far too long

For your love to know

I now realize that it was you standing in the shadows

Waiting for the right time to come and rescue me from myself

From all the pain that I felt

And demonstrate the compassion of the mercy that only you had held

I now know of a certainty every tear of mine you have witnessed

and each one that I held inside you still did not miss

And the prayers that I cried each night, I now recognize

That them, you did not forget

I now realize that it was I

 that held you captive in the rear

Trapped in the vices of my selfish life

Ever calling me to free you from the shadows of my love

But because of the life I chose, your voice I could not hear

I now know that you waited until this time, to arise

From the shadow of my love

And reveal yourself for who you truly are

Though you have tried, without success, many times before

I am now ready for you to come to me and leave the shadows of my love


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