The Roth

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Your retirement should be a time of relaxation not stress but for most people its work till they Die.

The reason we fail to make health decisions in our life so we find ourselves playing catch up. The rest of our life. Even if you just saving twenty-five dollars a week for thirty years how much money would you save. Everyone has money they just blow on stuff they do not need. The Roth is a great way for students to save money for the future and they can draw up to ten thousand tax-free for the future. In addition, you should have four times your income saved for an emergency or illness now I do not even have that much saved. Try to start small and build up. Before you know, you will have thousands saved. The best option is the Roth because you are taxed when you invest but never when you withdraw. I honestly believe this is the only way as Americans are going to get out of debt. Just because you have, a paycheck does not mean you have to spend it. Honestly, I struggle with this concept myself. When I was young, my dad and I were nearly homeless so now that I have money I like to have nice stuff. Therefore, a lot of the time I fight with myself about saving. One thing I have learned is leave the cards at home also pay with cash, which makes it much harder to spend money you do not have.


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