Vaccinate your own pet

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 What we will do first is go down to our local farmers co-op or feed store and ask attendant for an 8 in 1 vaccination. These are going to be in the cooler and should be kept cool up until actual use. Now, when we get home with shot, read directions of course but I can go through it with you briefly. You will also want to make sure you are in a very clean invironment and that you have bleach, cotton, and alcohol close by for clean up. I would not advise getting this stuff all over yourself either because it is a live virus when mixed.

Open package and take both vaccine bottles. Take bottle with liquid and with syringe provided draw all the liquid from this bottle. Insert needle into vial with solid in it and press plunger adding liquid to solid. Shake well and draw mixed vaccine back into syringe. It is usually easier to shoot a syringe full of air into bottle to pressurize before drawing liquid out. Just like Marcus Welby, Doogie Howser, or your nurse at the doctors office you are going to thump side of syringe till any bubbles are at top and VERY slowly press air out of syringe. Now grab loose skin on nap of dogs neck. Insert syringe, ensure that you get through the skin (you will feel when you do). Shoot vaccine and give your friend a treat for being good… I hope this was a helpful and informative article.

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