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The glory days of the reign of the United States is over yes I said it its over we are no longer number

One in anything besides STDS and pregnancy. We do not value education or family so in turn we are weak. I am saddened to say this but the United States will fall just as Rome did. The difference between the great depression and now is. During the great depression, we still produced everything at home.

Now most our business is abroad. What happens if these countries decide that they do not want to do

Business with America anymore? We need to bring business back home before it is too late. We will never be out of debt. It does not matter who is president if we do not take care of home. The problem is we care only about ourselves rather than other people. If anyone needs to be taxed to death its other countries shipping there goods over here. The other thing that worries me is another terror attack.

It will not be in the air this time it will be in our water and food. We have been ignoring all the recalls on beef. Maybe they are intentionally putting stuff in our food to kill us off. I am not trying to scare anyone but we need to wake up. We need to go back to the way it used to be. We need to start with buying American support our local stores and American made products. As Americans, we are choosing to ignore the issues. In my opinion, we should have never bailed out the banks. Are you going to pay off my debt for me am I responsible for paying my bills? So yes, it makes me very angry that you have some corporate executives with millions and I am struggling to survive. You want a stimulus check take the money from the big corporate knuckleheads and split it up between the Americans. This is my opinion of course and this is how I feel. So please read this with an open mind.


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