Root vegetables

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Are you sick all the time maybe you should think about what you are eating? Vegetables, which grow mostly below the earth, are very high in antioxidants. Some root vegetables you might know of are potatoes and carrots. Both of which contain very high amounts of vitamin c. think of everything that is used with both of these root vegetables. The most important part of the vegetable is the skin that is where all the nutrients are kept. For instance, the potatoes if you want to get the full value you need to eat the skin.

The best way to change the way you eat certain vegetables is to try new recipes I understand eating the same thing repeatedly can get boring so liven it up. I Would have never pictured myself being vegetarian. However, I am now. I usually eat four portions of vegetables a day. Since I started eating vegetables, I rarely get sick and when I do get sick, it is very short. I think that if people knew what they were putting in their body they would think twice about what they are eating. Have you ever heard of an overweight vegetarian? It does not even sound right. Take Asian people for example most of them are very skinny their diet consists of many vegetables. There are many vegetables like the tomatoes that we do not even know all the benefits of eating it. I also keep a food diary so I can see what I am putting into my body. The last thing I wanted you to know vegetables from the earth are very high in fiber. Which helps you to stay regular.


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