The New Job

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Newlyweds Sherry and Jack loved Los Angeles–the energy, the glamour, the weather.  The one aspect of their new lives together, however perfect the surroundings, was lacking.

Jack could not find employment.  Day after day, he confidently submitted resume upon resume to numerous organizations.  In early June, his stubborn determination finally paid off.  He would begin a new job, bright and early, on Monday.

On the morning that he was to begin his new employ, Sherry made him a lovely breakfast and insisted on driving him in.  She had business in town and would make a day of it, picking Jack up at 4 p.m.

Sherry had a grand surprise in store for Jack to make his first day unforgettable.  And, unforgettable it would be because, although the surprise was meant for one, four hapless by-standers would be involved in what would be known citywide as, “Sherry’s Folly”.

You see, Sherry had thought that flashing her breasts to Jack prior to his first day, was a splendidly wicked idea; one that Jack would enjoy and that would lift his nervousness on that momentous day.  She did not take to mind that Los Angeles at 9 a.m. would be bustling with people trying to get to their respective jobs.

After kissing Jack good-bye, Sherry exposed her breasts with a playful twinkle in her eyes.  “I’m not sure why I did it”, she said later, “I didn’t think anyone would see and besides, it couldn’t have been for more that two seconds.”

But see they did!

An alert cab driver, noticing the display during those two seconds, lost control of his vehicle, drove over a curb, and ran through the corner of the Johnson Medical Building.

At that precise moment, Bryon was sitting in a dental chair having his teeth cleaned by Pam, the dental technician.  Unfortunately for both Pam and Bryon, the dental office was located at the corner of the building and was the current target of the out-of-control cab.

Consequently Pam, understandably startled by the cab careening into the room, jabbed Bryon with her cleaning tool.  Bryon, also startled, jumped in pain and surprise, biting down and taking two of Pam’s fingers off in the process.

Chaos ensued.

Sherry who was viewing all the carnage that her surprise had wrought, was also injured from flying masonry from the Johnson Medical Building.  Jack suffered injuries also, related to flying debris and whiplash.

Let’s hope that Jack’s new job offered full family medical coverage!


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