Joey and Gavin DeGraw

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When I hear a song on the radio and think that it is a good song then there are times that we hear a song and it’s hits our hearts. There is one musician that I adore for his music and also for his looks and that’s Gavin DeGraw. I was sitting in front of the television when One Tree Hill was coming on and heard Gavin’s song I don’t want to be. That was the first time that I had heard his sound and loved the song instantly. I went out and purchased the CD and loved listening to that one song. Well recently he has come out with another CD and the first single off of the new CD was named was In love with a girl which instantly became a favorite. This time I was watching the video to the song when I realized that the song struck a chord in my heart. I got on my laptop and started searching to watch the video so that I could play it over and over. I loved the video because it had Kristin Cavallari from MTV’s Laguna Beach. After watching the video several times I began to cry and found that even though the song was a fast beat it hit my heart. I started researching him online and trying to find out all that I could about him. Gavin writes and sings his own music. Gavin has the label of being a pop rock star because of the sound that he carries in his music. His new album is a collection of heartfelt songs that seem to know how to hit in the right place in many hearts. The new single Cheated on me was one of my favorites the moment that I heard it because there was something in his voice that touched my heart. With this album it seems that his voice and words touch the heart instantly. The video came out for the song and again it’s one of those you relate to him when you hear him sing. Seeing him upset and stressed in the video and you begin to feel what he is feeling. Having gone through someone cheating on me I felt the way he does in the video. To me with this video you see Gavin close up and you see him as the person that he is. In his past videos you don’t see much of that. Gavin has a gift with his songs but he can catch a woman’s attention by his looks. I have found from reading about him and people who have met him that he is an incredible guy. I am yet to meet him and find out if what I am reading is true.  

Finding Gavin was great and then I found his brother posted on his MySpace page and thought that I was in heaven. Joey DeGraw is a musician that is not like his brother. Joey’s CD Midnight Audio is an album that moves through the heart. The album I have found can only be purchased through iTunes or online music stores. Before purchasing the CD I contacted local music stores to find that it could not be purchased like that. His sound is not what his brother is. Again Joey writes and sings his own music. Listening to his sound you hear that they were raised with faith because it comes through in their music. Joey is also a voiceover actor and has a bar. In the early years of Gavin’s career Joey played guitar and backup vocals. Upon finding Joey I tried to research and find out about him but was unsuccessful. Currently Joey is doing a series called Voice Driven that can be seen on YouTube where he is documented playing different shows and show what his life is like being a bar owner and also a voiceover actor. The series is like a reality show that the producers would like to put on A & E so that maybe he can get the exposure as a musician. Joey also on MySpace has the videos from the Voice Driven series on his page and also has a couple of his songs. His song Another Mistake is one of my favorites and is not on the album that is out right now. Responding to an email that I sent him he said that he was working on another album and that was interested in meeting. I play his CD at least once a day. In my eyes Joey has got a talent that Gavin doesn’t but they are both very handsome. I posted one picture of him that I do like but there are more to see of him on his MySpace page and you can also like to more of his music on his web site which is There are people that we meet in life that we know have come in our lives for a reason and listening to Joey there is a love that I felt was there and have found. Joey opened my eyes to see a love that was like nothing else. His voice and smile tend to be heart breaking but something that you want to see. It took for me to stop listening and let me sing his songs out loud for me to understand what he was saying.

            Gavin and Joey have a bar together called National Underground in New York. They both have incredible talent and if you are open to giving new music a chance then you should listen to them. Listening to their music has changed my heart and I feel things that I didn’t know that I had in my heart. I would give both a chance before you say that they aren’t worth listening to because each has his own talent.


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