A debt we can’t pay back

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Ever since you were, little you have been sleeping less and less the lack of sleep is killing you very slowly. What you do not realize is sleep deprivation causes increased stress and heart attacks, which in turn affects every aspect of your life. Even your job. When you stay up later, too finish a project for work you are actually pushing yourself farther from where you should be mentally and physically. Without sleep, your metabolism will start to slow down which will cause you to gain weight. We are the most over weight generation ever maybe it starts with our lack of sleep. There is a myth that I can just make up the sleep tomorrow night. When you fail to get enough sleep, you do not get it back. Most Americans get less five hours of sleep a night. We need to start taking care of ourselves so we can be here for our children and grandchildren down the road. There are other signs that you are not getting enough sleep. are you very forgetful or cranky a lot. When we fall asleep we go through four stages of sleep our body uses these to repair our damaged tissue. The only things you can do is start now and change your sleeping habits it will be hard at first but you can do it. Some keys to this are do not drink caffeine at nine and eat dinner early so your body has time to digest. These are some aspects about sleep you should think about or pay the price down the road. There are also different kinds of sleep disorders from sleep walking to narcolepsy. These types of disorders are more difficult to deal with because they are beyond the person’s control. Some people even try to seek a hypmatist to see if there is something from their past they are not dealing with. There are many different factors that effect the way we deal with sleep or lack of sleep.


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