Four totally legitimate websites that pay you serious cash

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Centsports is a sports betting site that is completely free.  They give you 10 cents to start betting with and if you get the game wrong you get another 10 cents.  Once you reach $10 you can cash out and they mail you a check it’s really not as hard to do as you think.  You aren’t risking anything at all.  You might be wondering how this works and the answer is adds on there site.  So if you are good a sports betting give it a try


Updown is a great tool for investors that are interested in investing in the stock market.  You get a virtual portfolio of 1 million dollars and you can buy stocks just like you would in real life.  You can track your performance against the S&P as well as friends.  The best part about the site is that if you beat the S &P 500 you actually get paid without risking a penny.  The better you do the more money you make it’s a pretty sweet deal.  Give it a try


If you like Bukisa you will definitely going to love Triond because it works almost the same way. You create content and they publish it.  Every time people read you content you get paid money for it.  Since your doing the same thing on Bukisa you can use the same content and you are just getting more views and more money for the same amount of work its a no-brainer.  Using triond can attract new people to your work that never would see it otherwise.


Factoidz is an informational website that allows user to publish how to articles.  Evreytime someone views an article you write you get paid.  They have a list of articles that have higher payouts than others but they have stricter guidelines.  However you can not publish articles you wrote for other websites.  They have a buzz it up contest so you can attract even more viewers.


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