How to bring spontaneity in your life

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It is easy for life to become boring, with our daily activities. There are ways to bring back the spark into your life or relationships. Doing the same thing repeatedly each day, can certainly get dull. If you can find things to do, on the spur of the moment, then you are on your way to bring spontaneity in your life.

Plan fun activities at the last minute. Sometimes if you have the same routine every day, you will eventually get bored. You can avoid this by trying new and exciting things. Surprise yourself by planning a camping trip for the weekend. Bring along the children. Bring a tent, sit outside and rediscover the beauty of nature at night, with the beautiful stars. Make a campfire and have a fun cook out.

When driving to and from your daily routine, take a new route. Enjoy the new scenery. The drive home will be more fun and you won’t feel like you are in the same routine. Enroll in a class to acquire new skills. Pottery is a fun and creative example. Watch your work turn into a beautiful piece of art before your eyes.

If you are in some areas that offer mini cruises. Sign up for one of those, “Cruise to nowhere.” Sit back and enjoy the sparkling waters of the ocean. Go skating with the children. It may take awhile for you to get used to the skating moves, but you will have fun while learning.

Spontaneity is achieved by having an open mind, being willing to embrace new and creative ideas. Do fun things spontaneously to rediscover your inner child. Try to add spontaneity to your daily routine, and you will see how much fun the most mundane routine can become.


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