Should Dad Stay or SHould Dad Go

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For you to understand my situation and before youu are able to offer me your opinions and welcomed advise. Here is one decision I really hope none of you ever have to make.

July 2007 my wife, her son and I moved to Stillwater Oklahoma so she could attend Oklahoma State University School of Veterinary Medicine. One of only 27 in the country and a very competative and hard program to get into; let alone graduate. 

I have two boys 10 and 12 years old living back in NJ with their Mother. We have been flying myself and them back and forth so I can remain an active part in their lives. 

It has always been our intentions that once my wife graduated we would move back to New Jersey in May 2011. The time so far has surprising gone alot faster than I expected it would. During a recent heart to heart with my wife she confessed she no longer wanted to move back home. She has used every excuse not to move back, from gang violence, to the economic crisis and she wants to bring my boys to live here with us.

That would be a prayer answered bringing them here to live. If I could only convince my ex wife it would be in the boys best interested to live here in Oklahoma. They would meet new friends experience different cultures and compete in different sports programs. That conversation with my ex ended quicker than it began with one or two closing words from both of us and a dial tone.

With a little over two years left before my wife graduates with her doctorate in Vet Medicine I find myself wondering if I should stick around and waste another two years hoping she has a change of heart and decides she will move back to New Jersey.

Or should I cut the losses now and move back home closer to my kids and let the pieces fall were they fall when she does graduate?

Deep in my heart I know the decision I should make.  

Is she being unfair by putting me into the emotional coaster , forcing me to decide our fate?

It is usually me offering advise to others, Today I am asking for your comments or suggestions , Please.

Should I stay or should I go?


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