How to Build Radio Controlled Model Trucks

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Things You’ll Need:

*  Time
*  Patience
*  RC truck kit
*  RC controller (transmitter)

Step 1: RESEARCH: There are hundreds of RC truck kits out there, so use the power of the internet and start getting ideas of what you want in a RC truck. Check out the local RC hobby shop; at least for the first time, do not go to purchase, go to learn.

Step 2: ENGINE TYPE: If you are a beginner, it is best to go with an electric motor but this will depend on the kit that you purchase. Like other RC hobbies, you can use battery or gas powered engines.

Step 3: CHOOSE A TRANSMITTER (CONTROLLER): In my opinion, the controller is the most important part of the RC investment. Get something that you can use for various RC hobbies. A good six channel transmitter can do just about anything. The Spectrum DX6i is an excellent 6 channel transmitter that can control cars, trucks, planes, boat and helicopters.

Step 4: CLUB MEMBERS: At most RC hobby shops you can find information about RC clubs. Talk to some of those members about which models are the best for beginner, intermediate and advanced users.

Step 5: TIME & PATIENCE: In any RC hobby, you are dealing with tiny parts that either snap or glue together. The instructions typically are not the best to understand. So with that being said, take your time and patience when building the RC model truck. You will have plenty of time to aggravate the neighbor’s dog later.


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