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It’s frightening to think that only in rough situations do we realize how much we need or care for people.  Two of my best friends were in a motor cycle a while ago.  I freaked out when I heard the news.  Luckily, they both made it out alive.  One had only minor cuts, scrapes and bruises.  The other, however, sustained more severe injuries.  He was in the hospital for a few days in the ICU.  The extent of the damage included him being in Halo Traction, having to wear a neck brace for over a month and lots of bruises and cuts.  I freaked out because I never realized how much I cared for the both of them until there was a possibility that I could have lost them for good.  So, I took advantage of this horrible turn of events to let them know how much I appreciate and care about them.  It bothered me that I never really let them know how much they truely meant to me.   So, I sat and thought and came to a conclusion.  It should not take someone receiving bodily injury to make me tell them I care about and love them.  It was insane that it took an event like that for me to “man up” and just be a good, honest, real friend.  The people in my life should know, without a doubt, that I care love them and not have to wait until they are hospitalized to hear it from me.

On a slightly different note, though still on topic, I realized who my true friends were.  There were a few people that saw me in shambles and just shrugged it off, instead of being there for me in my time of need as I would be for them.  However, there were those few unexpected ones that actually took the time to let me know they were thinking of me and my friends (who they did not know from Adam) and that if I needed them they would be there for me, unconditionally.  I am still utterly amazed by those few that I never really thought cared about me were the ones that tried to help me through my troubles, while some of the ones that should have been by my side turned a blind eye.  Humanity is an odd thing.  It takes a near tragedy to bring out the truth in a person.  The moral of the story all boils down to this:   Take the time to thank all of those who care for you today and everyday.  We may not say it or show it enough, but please let those special people in your life know that you appreciate them and you would feel lost with out them.  To those who turn a blind eye, think about what I have said and know that if you need someone, you might just be surprised by those that would be there in a heart beat.  You might want to re-think your stance in life and start to show those who surround you that you really do care.  You never know when you’ll be in a position to need those people.


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