Practicing safe sex everytime

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It can be a scary feeling if you had unprotected sex and have to be worrying if you caught a disease, the next day. The worst part is waiting at least six months to get tested for HIV. Some other diseases may show symptoms earlier than others, but nevertheless, it is still a scary feeling. Who wants to live their life that way? I know most people wouldn’t want to have to experience that feeling. That is why it is important to practice safe sex everytime.

Use a condom whenever you indulge in sexual intercourse. When using a condom it should be used the correct way for it to be effective. Look at the expiration date on the package before using the condom, also, don’t carry a condom in your wallet or leave in your car for long periods of time. The heat will cause the condom to lose its effectiveness.

Only have one partner at a time. The more partners that you have, you will be at more risk for contracting sexual transmitted diseases. Be aware of your partner’s sexual history. Being involved with someone who takes drugs, and share needles, can also put you at risk. Don’t assume that because someone looks healthy that they are free of sexual transmitted diseases. Some sexual transmitted diseases have symptoms such as, discharges, sores, rashes or foul odor. There are other types of diseases that doesn’t show any symptoms.

Sexual transmitted can still be transmitted from one person to another, even when condoms are used. If you are exposed to body fluids, sores or cuts, you can still catch a disease. Don’t have sex with someone who has visible sores on their lips or genital area. Even when protection is used, there is still a chance of contracting an STD, so use your judgment. Abstinence is the only way to avoid catching a sexual transmitted disease.


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