Cleaning your vehicle’s battery

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First you will need to disconnect the positive(+ usually red) battery cable terminal. Usually 1/2″ box wrench will do but sizes and measurements differ from vehicle makers. A crescent wrench is always a sure fire bet though! Be extremely careful when disconnecting the terminal.

Next you need to disconnect the negative(- usually black) battery terminal. Usually 1/2″ box wrench. Extra cautious now not to touch the battery cables to any exposed metal.

Now that you have the battery disconnected, remove the entire battery from the vehicle . Now you are ready clean your battery! You may have to remove a bracket to get your battery out. This also differs from different vehicle makers. This is quite easy to remove however.

Now your ready to clean the battery’s post’s. Use one table spoon of baking soda mixed into a cup of water as your cleaning solution. Wet the posts using a liberal amount of the solution and begin brushing the posts with your wire brush until the post is shiny and clean. Clean the positive(+) and negative(-) posts like this. This means they are well maintained. Good clean connections allow much more power to be delivered from the battery, more cranking amps.

Also you will want to clean and maintain the battery’s cables, both positive(+ red) and negative(- black) using step 4’s directions. Just use a wire brush with some baking soda and water. You can also use sandpaper, knife, whatever can be used for scraping metal.

Once you have all the connections clean and shiny, you are ready to reinstall the battery. Connect the negative(- black) cable to the battery first, then follow with the positive(+ red) cable.


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