Black Friday

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Black Friday has significant meaning to people in the retail business this time of year is make or break for most of us.

I am a shoe salesman and I think about Black Friday most of the year. If for some reason, it is slow specifically because of the economy many businesses along with employees losing their jobs will go out of business. Black Friday really means when a company goes from the negative to the positive. Most of the year I do ok with selling shoes but I can triple my income for the next month along with pay off some bills. I am very nervous about this year considering it has been a very slow fall.

I can only hope it is blistering busy. People usually line up by the droves for great deals. This year there is more competition for good deals with the economy as bad as it is. I do believe with the gas prices going down it will help so let us cross our fingers that it’s a good holiday season. If it is not busy, I will have to look for another job. This is very hard for me think about right now considering I like my job and I enjoy working with people. The most difficult thing for me is getting up at five when I am a night owl. The only thing I do not like about the holidays is I get very little time with the people I care about. However, I guess if I want to work in this industry, I have to make sacrifices.


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