2010 Horoscope for Scorpios

If there are loose-ends to tie up and these have been preying on your mind, you will want to get on with these as soon as the year begins. Other than that, you will be in the mood to re-organise certain areas of your life. It might feel that in certain areas you have been going round in circles and you now need to stop and take the chance to get your bearings. In pausing for a short while, you might realise where you have been going wrong and what you can do about it. A need to get away from it all will suddenly be very strong.

Your partner may agree that a holiday is just what you both need to spice up your relationship. Emphasis at the very start of 2010 will be on short-distance journeys rather than anything that takes you too far away. Once the year gets underway, however, there’s the chance of travelling abroad or increased communication with foreigners.

Scorpio Astrology Predicitons 2010

If there are problems in March, they won’t go away just because you ignore them. Some matters must be faced up to and dealt with otherwise they will constantly hang over you like a dark cloud. The only way to get anything done is to work diligently on your own behind-the-scenes. If you join others in the forefront of what is going on, you will be diverted from your aims and work will seem impossible. There is emphasis on your travel sector until the middle of the year so you might expect some good fortune to come your way in connection with someone or something at a distance.

 In both April and May, your mind will be alert and on the ball. This will help you to spot problems, flaws or discrepancies that even your more bright companions will somehow miss. Scorpio, there will more than a few words of praise coming your way and perhaps some kind of award too, at this busy time of the year. In June, travel in connection with business will bring the kind of results you never dared imagine for yourself. Also, money affairs will start to improve after a letter, text message, e-mail or ‘phone call in June. Someone who is close to you will be going through a fortunate phase at this time too, and this will make you feel as if finally, you can start relaxing.

 2010 Scorpio Horoscope

However, be warned: restless energy will be difficult to control in July and this could lead to you making mistakes that could have been avoided. Slow down and try to stay calm before making comments or taking action during the middle few months of the year. Moving on to August and a lot of your time is given to other people. One particular friend appears to have more than their fair share of troubles and woes but by the end of the month you might feel they have brought a lot of this upon themselves.

Plans for September won’t seem very exciting and you won’t go out of you way to change this. – You’ll be quite happy with the thought of enjoying a little rest and relaxation. If anyone expects anything different, then they’re in for a surprise. Scorpio is a private sign and during the last quarter of the year, you will need space and privacy. This will veer you away from busy areas when too many people have too much to say and this stops you from thinking properly. Meditation is relaxing and you might make some important decisions concerning your long-term future after given certain matters a lot of careful thought.

Scorpio Astrology 2010

Additional responsibilities behind-the-scenes will be welcomed in the year 2010 even though this keeps you out of the limelight. As it is you could meet someone backstage that lights up your life, especially if you’re single and looking. Towards the end of the year, important decisions will be made and these will involve a family matter. Changes within the household also may bring the need to revise your career situation or social obligations.

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