Winter in Minnesota

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Minnesota is known for harsh winters and brutal temperature swings but what people don’t really know is how much fun it can be to live in Minnesota.

One of the greatest experiences I have ever had was the winter carnival. Every four years they build ice castles and make cities out of them. The process evolves taking tons of ice off nearby lakes and sculpting them into something you have to see to believe. There is also ice sculptures competitions which is alot of fun to watch.

Even thou I have never found it the search for the medallion is the greatest idea anyone could ever come up with. For an entire month the newspapers put clues in the paper as too where the medallion is. Then you try to find it. If you know a lot about the twin cities , it will make it easier but most people stumble upon it accidentally. If you find it, the prize is five thousand dollars. Next, there is the holidazzle parade which kids love in downtown Minneapolis . Thousands gather every year to see the parade. When you are done, you can cross the stress and see the Macys Christmas display, which is different every year. Most people who are not from Minnesota do not realize how much fun it is too live in Minnesota. When you have had enough of the cold head to uptown for a cup of hot coco or coffee at some wonderful coffee shops in uptown. Minnesota has something fun to offer for every season.


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