My true heart

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Is it true that every situation that breaks you down can if you let it build you up to make you a better?

Person. Every relationship has its positives and negatives but what we have to remember is that we love each other. If we can agree that sometimes, we say and do stupid things that we realize made no sense later. We will both win in the end. Even thou we do not always get along I love and will love you always. Just because we have a difference of opinion does not change how I feel about you. Sometimes we have a communication problem but who don’t we just have to realize that we are two different people who do two different things at once and have two different views most of the time.

I wish we could get along all the time but that would mean we are not in a healthy relationship. I just want you to know no matter what happens I will always be there for you. I know that it is easier for me to write about how I feel rather than talk about it. I am not sure why that is but that is just how I am.

I know we need to work on our communication skills so we are understand each other better. Since we started dating, I have come a long ways with my trust issues. Not sure why I ever had them maybe, it was just my insecurity’s. I know we will continue to grow as a couple if we will continue to agree to disagree.

I admit we need have some sort of compromise to make our relationship stronger. The hardest thing for me is when you think I am mad when I am not. Sometimes I really just have nothing to say and I feel like if I say something it will not make sense at all. I feel that sometimes saying nothing at all is better than saying something negative that is going to hurt your feelings.


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