Compulsive spending

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If you ever feel like you have no control over your finances, start looking at the small things like eating out even at six bucks a day it adds up. I realized the hard way. My fiancé and I spent three hundred dollars eating out last month. I will admit it was mostly me I did not realize how much money I was spending. Until I started wondering why we have no money for anything. It was kind of selfish of me but the truth is I honestly had no idea where the money was going. I started realizing that I had to make changes in the way I spend money. Most of my spending is compulsive which is the worst kind of spending. I also started to notice certain situations would cause me to make bad decisions. When it is slow at work I would take a break and eat. To combat that I started leaving my bank card at home.

That is the toughest thing I have done because if I don’t pack a lunch I am going to starve. I have also learned if you just stop and think about it before you spend it chances are you will change your mind.

I am also getting married in six months which is another reason that I need to think twice about how I spend our money. It scares me death to not have any money saved for an emergency but I guess you have to start somewhere. One think you should really think about is if you are spending money and you have no idea where it is going you should get help. Spending can also be an addiction just like alcohol or drugs. I hope I have shed the light on compulsive spending.


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