Sleepless in Lowell

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I am sure at some point in almost everyones life you have had to put up with someone who snores. Well my partner especially when he is over tired snores like no tomorrow. Ususally it doesnt bother me, I have learned somehow to over look the annoying sound coming from the person laying beside me. But then I have those nights where nothing can give me relief from this sound.

I know there are remidies out there for just such a situation. There are those tape things that go across the nose, nope they don’t work, then there is rolling the one snoring onto their side, nope to no avil, open the persons mouth so they don’t breath through their nose, and many more. I have tried them all, but till date I have not been able to find the right one.

The poem I wrote below is about one of those nights where I laid awake the entire night just waiting for morning to arrive so the horrible noise would disappear. In fact I wrote this poem in my head as I layed awake the entire night and when I woke this was what I wrote down.

As the evening has come to and end,
to bed we go to rest,
all cuddled arm and arm,
my head laid on your chest.
Our eyes they close so quickly,
as to dream land we are lured,
when suddenly I am awaken,
by the sound of your huge snore.
As awake I lay from your sound,
there you lay fast asleep.
As I toss and turn from your noise
I just cant seem to escape,
I wonder if I should go,
and get that big roll of gray tape.
As minutes turn to hours
and to me  it is quite clear,
No sleep for me is in the cards,
and that’s for sure you hear,
Though I love you deeply,
as I stumble towards the door,
Could you just please wake up for once,
and stop that horrid  snore.


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