The Truth About Marijuana

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 I live in Jamaica, and we call it ganja. I grew up with it.

The first time I used it my grandmother had gone to the local

police officer to get a few ounces to help with my asthma.

She made it into a very black bitter tea.  I drank it.

I used to drink it every day to prevent asthma attacks.

When I got older I smoked ganja once and while. I didn’t do

it to get ‘high’, I used it for insights.

I didn’t smoke tiny little toothpicks, I rolled double sized

cigarette ‘spliffs’.  I might take two or three pulls before

outing it, because it was strong enough to open my thoughts

after only two or three pulls.

I noticed others would smoke until they passed out, or made

fools of themselves, and I couldn’t see the purpose of it.

When I went to University, I drank the tea each morning before

breakfast, each evening when I came from class.  I never had

an asthma attack.

I smoked ganja before I took my exams, it enabled me to so

focus on what was before me that I could pass my best friend

and not see him.

After exams, when I was working, I smoked once and a while

but wasn’t much into it.  Where I lived was so polluted that

I had to get an asthma inhaler as the tea didn’t work anymore.

Eventually, I stopped smoking ganja. I had no use for it.

But others continued to smoke until they passed out or made

fools of themselves.

I once tapped a heretofore brilliant young man who got a

double dose of oral diarrhea after smoking a spliff. He

couldn’t shut up, he couldn’t stick on one topic, and

rambled on and on and on.

The next day I played the tape for him and

he never smoked another spliff after that.

There are those who want to get ‘high’ to stop being who

they are.  Who want an excuse to do things they are too

inhibited so to do.

There are those who virtually become addicted to ganja.

They can’t stand themselves as they are.  They have

nothing to focus on so just smoke until they enter the

land of nod where they sleepwalk through their lives

doing stupid things and acting as if ‘someone else’ did


There are also those who smoke and go right off the

deep end, never finding their way back.

Those of us who grew up with ganja as you grew up with

oatmeal don’t see anything particularly exciting about it.

The idea of huffing and puffing and holding it in to get a

buzz looks so ridiculous I can’t but laugh.

If you smoke it once and awhile and try to do something

while under the influence you may either find that it

makes it twice as difficult or redirects your thought

‘out of the box’.

To need to get hide is the problem, not the ganja. For

without ganja there is liquor, cocaine, heroin and a

whole drug store full of pills.

It is not the ganja’s fault that people abuse it.


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