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Intoxicants: Harmful Effect on Our Health

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People generally consume tobacco in the form of bidi, cigarette or hookah. Some people chew it raw. Tobacco contains powerful poison called nicotine grey_loader.gif . Even though it is contained in extremely minute quantities, yet it is very harmful to our health . When we smoke, some amount of nicotine, carried along with the smoke, is absorbed by our blood.

This nicotine excites our nose and throat. This causes coughing also. Smoking increases blood pressure . It increases heart-beat and causes heart ailments. It also affects the body temperature and blood circulation. Scientific research has shown that smoking cause lung cancer and shortens life too.

Moreover, indigestion, peptic ulcer and cancer and cancer of the mouth are also among its other effects. Besides, causing these diseases, it involves wastage of money also.

Use of alcohol is very harmful to our health grey_loader.gif . With its consumption all the physical bodies get slowed down. Whatever may be the drink, it always has a high degree of alcohol content, which affects our body. As soon a it enters our body and mixes with the blood, it immediately starts affecting some areas of the brain.

As a result the individual starts getting intoxicated and the person finally becomes senseless. Driving in a drunken state is not only dangerous for the driver himself and others too. Prolonged drinking causes dangerous diseases of the liver grey_loader.gif .

Some people take many types of pills to relieve themselves of pains and mental tensions. These are also very dangerous for health. Excessive use of these weakens the memory. Once you develop the habit of taking intoxicants, it becomes very difficult to get rid of them. We should, therefore, always avoid their use.

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