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Eating Out Often: Is It Desirable?

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Sometimes breakfast and lunch at the office canteen or at a nearby restaurant and on weekends dining out with family and friends are fast becoming a norm of city life. Perhaps, it is the way of life that force us to do so. Whatever may be the reason behind it, it means we all have less control over the food we eat.

How many of us think of the oil used to cook the food we enjoy at a hotel? Whether it is heart healthy oil or artery clogging fatty oil, whether the oil used is reheated, whether the ingredients used are fresh or the not, whether the cooks observe the simple rules of hygiene.

Restaurant food always has a high fat/calorie ratio compared to home cooked food. It adds taste and richness as a treat it the tongue but injurious to health. Such food, rich in fats but contains less calcium and dietary fibre, is not friendly to the stomach.

Nowadays, irrespective of age, people eat out, especially the food in canteen and fast food joints, in which the youngsters enjoy eating, tell on their health in later years.

Many chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease have their roots in poor childhood dietary habits. When eating out has become an inevitable menace among youngsters, at least some measures by the government regulating the functioning of canteens and restaurants can help to a certain extent as is done in the west.

The best remedy for many problems is home-made meal. Though it is sometimes very tiring for the working women with tight schedules, an effect to make quick breakfast or lunch for the children and the rest of the family also gives positive results in maintaining family health.

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