How you can be a Successful Bukisa Writer

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Neat Presentation of Your Work

As surprisingly as it may seem a neatly presented piece of work will most likely gather more views than one that is presented poorly. Neatly presented work will also make it easier for the viewer to read. Follow the paragraph structure and avoid long paragraphs that are hard to read. Sub-headings will help by providing the viewer with knowledge of what they are going to read in the section that they come before.

Think about this, you have found the article that you have been looking for and it is all messed up and nearly impossible to read. No imagine someone when they find work and think this. They won’t be very happy.

Interesting or Hot Topics

You may find out as you write more and more articles that certain ones get more views than others, this is because the viewers find the topic interesting or the topic is under the Hot Topic tab.

Now say that you write two articles, one on model aeroplanes and the other one on interesting places around the world. The model aeroplane one will probably get less views than the one on the interesting places. This is because people would rather read articles that they like or ones that they find the topic interesting. Sure the model aeroplane one might make you a few cents but in the long run it is better to write articles that attract a wider audience.

Hot User

Most people under the Hot User tab are really good writers. If you take any notice you will see that nearly every article that they get published will make it onto the Hot Content list. Hot Users will generally get more views because more people will read their work even if they’re not interested in the topic.

Correct Spelling and Good Grammar

Correct Spelling will make your work easier to read and people will actually know what you have said. The other day I say that one of my mates had written because as because. At first I didn’t know what he wrote but when he told me I realised what it was. You people don’t want to read articles filled with spelling errors because it gets annoying.

Good grammar will help you to be able to correctly punctuate sentences and find more interesting words to replace boring ones. Take nice for example viewers don’t mind if you use it a few times but if you start to use it lots then replace some of them with decent or kind. Little things like this will make your work much more pleasant to read.

The Use of Pictures

Being able to use pictures correctly and effectively is a skill that every writer should have. This allows them to make their article more interesting and add some colour. The pictures that you include should be relevant to you topic.

Viewers will often find that a picture will give them a deeper insight on what the reader is trying to get across and the picture might be the thing that makes them click the “I Like It” button.

Have Fun

No matter what if you are getting frustrated writing an article stop writing it. Writing is meant to be fun and if you are not enjoying writing about a particular topic than find a new one that you like.

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