How To Protect Your Teen From Drugs

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Drugs are everywhere – on the streets, in people’s homes, and yes, in our communities. And whether you believe it or not your kids could be doing drugs.

Even though you can’t follow them around all day and make sure they aren’t doing stupid things there are things you can do:

  1. Educate yourself. Learn what kind of drugs kids are doing, where they are getting it from, and what the effects of those drugs are. Learn the signals of how to tell if your kids are doing drugs.
  2. Communicate with your kids. I know that is really cliché, but do talk to them. And keep talking to them, even if they try to shut you out. Talk to them about stuff they are interested in and talk to them about serious issues like drugs, smoking, and alcohol.
  3. If you think your kids are doing drugs or drinking, get support for yourself. You can’t help your kids if you don’t know how and you can’t care for your kids or your families if you aren’t caring for yourself.
  4. Get help for your kids if you think they are doing drugs. There are many programs that can be helpful and below you’ll find some resources.
  5. Stay strong. Choose the rules of your house and the consequence of breaking them and stick to them. No matter what. Your home is the one thing you can control even if you can’t control their actions outside the home.
  6. Judge not lest you be judged. I know not everyone is religious but that is the best advice I have ever heard. No one is perfect and everyone messes up. So when you see someone that has messed up or is imperfect, give some friendly support instead of using negative words.

Whether your kids are doing drugs, thinking of doing drugs, or neither – educate yourself and your kids and know where to get help if you need it.

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