How to Strengthen Eye Muscle And to Reduce Headache?

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Nowadays, eye can be easily tired because of too much watching TV or use of computer terminal. Just like any other muscle needs exercise to stay strong, eye muscle needs regular exercise as well.

In this article, I am going to describe somewhat very unique exercise which will benefit a very large number of people.

First, put your head into sink and open up your eye inside water. With your eyes open, move eye ball up and down 7 times. And take your face out of water and dry it.

Once again with your face in the water and eye open inside water, move eye ball circularly clock wise. Do this 7 times and take your face out and dry it.

One more time, you want to open your eyes inside water and move eye ball circularly counter-clock wise this time. Do this 7 times.

This exercise will help clean eye balls and eventually strengthen eye muscle and vision. Try it and see how it makes a difference.

Remember that this exercise has a long history originated from Kung Fu over thousand years ago.  As your muscle of eye gets stronger, you will maintain very stable vision. Furthermore, this exercise helps reduce headache quite a lot because there is a close relationship between fatigue eye and headache.

The benefit also include quitting smoking and reducing amount of caffeine taking.  After all, this exercise will help person improve focus and productivity.

For some people, it may be too scary to put faces into water in the sink.  Then, I may suggest them to exercise their eye balls just in the air with the same instructions mentioned before. 🙂


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