The Obama Election Stepping Stone

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To me the Obama election was of no great surprise. Americans are ready, no in need of, change. They are tired of watching their childhood friends, sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers being shipped off and coming back injured physicaly and mentally, or in a bag. They are not only tired of war, but of being treated like second class citizens in this capitalist society they feel stuck in. They feel the Obama Election is what this country needs.

Yes, the Obama election is a major part of American history, but is it really going to help anything?

Personally I did not vote in the Obama election, or any other election for that matter. I am a 32 year old and have never voted in any presidential election. I believe that no person can change the conditions here on earth. I am waiting for the true ruler of my kingdom, Jesus.

Sure, the Obama election will make everything seem good for a while, and yes he will be good for some, no probably many, of Americas’ social problems, this there is no doubt. There is a much greater power at work, though, the love of God.

The Obama election is a shining example of how the love of God is at work in the world. It was only 48 years ago, in 1960, that black and white Americans were first able to vote together side by side. The Obama election is a great accomplishment on God’s part.

Satan is always there though, trying to ruin the great things that God allows to happen. Soon after the Obama election there started being signs of Satan’s work. Children were spotted saying terrible phrases like, “Assassinate Obama”. There have been black figures found hanging in trees and more cases than normal of racial slurs being painted on peoples cars and houses. Many gunshop owners blame the tripled increase of gun sales on the Obama election.

In a world ruled by Satan, the Obama election to me is just on the surface, when you look deeper you find it is just another stepping stone in the lessons of good and evil. Which side are you on?


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