Our Tax Dollars!

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The more thought I put into this subject the more it boggles my mind! Every transaction we make is taxed by the government! It makes me wonder what they need all that money for, Health Care is good and I appreciate it as well as don’t mind paying for it! Police and Firefighters, good stuff worth out money. Construction of roads and shelters and disaster relief. Military spending is important we wanna stay free! However how much is wasted on things in each of those areas that even the members of said organizations deem useless wastes of our tax dollars!

It seems that Every time there is an election there are hundreds of signs for each candidate in your area lone begging for you to vote for them! Where does the money come from for those signs and advertisements? Surely if it is out of the pockets of the politicians themselves we are overpaying them quite heavily, if not then they are essentially using our tax dollars against us! I personally think we should all vote for whoever wastes the least of OUR money trying to influence us to give THEM a bigger paycheck to do the job! This to me would be the perfect way to vote! I am however aware that that won’t work and I still vote accordingly to the person running as should you!

Government grants make me want to hurl! The Prime minister is again buying votes with our money! Hey look everyone I just took an extra 100$ from every Canadian and gave it to the gay and nudist associations because they were unhappy that people didn’t want to see them running around in the streets! Perhaps we should spend millions registering guns. My personal belief is that if per-say I was a terrorist, would I honestly go register my RPG launcher, my new Uzi, my old reliable AK-47 and perhaps even my sniper rifle! It is the honest thing to do, I mean the government asked us to register, who do you think will? The honest hard working citizens! More money out of our pockets for absolutely NO results! Although I did once see on the news a gun was used in a killing but it was registered to someone that couldn’t have been the killer! By gosh the killer used the gun registered to the deceased! That must have brought us closer to solving the case or perhaps marginally worth the few tens of millions we wasted on it?


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