Five Things You Do You Don’t Want Your Parents to Know

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Most university students or single adults who still maintain contact with their parents have a lot of dirty little secrets that they would die if their parents found out! We all go to great lengths to avoid our parents figuring out what we do with out spare time! Here are some things you subconsciously or not so much avoid letting them know! Call it an error of omission!

  1. Drinking. Most young people don’t want their parents to know they get completely plastered every weekend! Not only would their parents be mad but might take some sort of action against them!
  2. Skip class. We have all done it and in university it is so much easier! No one cares, the prof won’t even notice and you can miss a couple classes a week without missing anything important! However somehow your parents find out, you never know how but they do. The End!
  3. Parties. This applies to everyone over the age of 12! What would you do if your parents really knew what kind of parties you went to or even hosted! Yes, your right they would have a bird! That is why we just won’t hand out that kind of info!
  4. Dating, and everything that goes with it! Your parents are always a couple steps behind who your dating and what your doing! I think it is best that was so when you break it off they think the last thing you did was a goodnight kiss!
  5. Talk about them. I know we have all said things about our parents we wouldn’t want them to hear, I try to avoid doing this but some people enjoy it! If your parents heard you tell your friends how insane they were I am thinking thanksgiving dinner might be served cold!

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