Five Eating Habits That Changed the World

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This is in no chronological order or any particular order at all! I got to thinking about how the geography of the world was ultimately decided and I figured it is because of FOOD!

  1. Sugar, sugar cane was a major reason that Europeans were interested in South America for years! This was after El Dorado of course but sugar was a serious change in the world as Europeans fought for control and enslaved the black populace!
  2. Lemons, lemons were a staple aboard ships to avoid the horrors of scurvy. Is it no wonder special voyages and colonies were formed to get lemons? Is that not odd that an entire modern day city was started because of lemons!
  3. Spices, this is an amazingly broad topic as it influenced the entire known world at the time (really only excluding the Americas) Trade routes were often the cause of serious wars between nations. They even caused some of the greatest castles ever created to be built! The middle eastern economy grew enormously by charging to be the middleman for spices between Asia and Europe, the amount of money, bloodshed and geographical chance due to this trade was enormous!
  4. Fish, the need for fish oil and fish itself was one of the contributing factors of the serious exploration of the Americas! Without fish the importance of the other natural resources may not have been discovered until much later! However now the fish population has been cut so severely by over fishing is it still causing disputes with native fisheries!
  5. During the operation in WWII to defeat Erwin Rommel’s desert command troops on both sides slaughtered the native animals for a quick meal often leaving 90% of the animal to rot after taking what they needed. Today the effects of that slaughter are still clear, it did not change the boundaries or strength of a nation were not changed but nature was forever affected by this wreckless massacre!

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