12 Things You Do If You are a Pack Rat

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  1. You bought a new T.V. and put the old one in the backyard for the dog!
  2. You have a stack of newspapers in one room of the house that add to every morning.
  3. You kept the old oil filters out of your new car on the seats of the 3 old cars you can’t bear to get rid of!
  4. You have an attic but you have a healthy fear of opening the door due to the avalanche of 3rd grade memories that come spilling out and cause physical harm!
  5. You find a reason to save your dryer lint but you aren’t really sure why you do it.
  6. You still have every issue of Archie comic ever released, and you aren’t even a collector!
  7. You need to add an extra room to the house to fill with boxes, however you don’t remember what is in the boxes and you don’t want to bother looking but you just remember all 211 boxes were important!
  8. You have 2 baby barns.
  9. The house cleaners refused to clean your house for double the money because it is too hard to find the floor to actually clean it!
  10. Your computer has a file full of Triond articles that were not published but you can’t seem to get around to deleting!
  11. Your kids each get their own washer and dryer and dishes when they move out, that your family used 15 years ago!
  12. If you have a self storage unit rented for any reason other then being a drug smuggler, you are in fact a pack rat! You moved and didn’t have enough space? Chances are you will never use the stuff again, get rid of it!

Don’t be afraid to throw it out if you won’t use it!


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