Four Reasons Lawn Care is Useless

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Okay, I have mowed a lot of lawns in my lifetime for different people for money or to be kind or my own. The thought has always plagued me of a joke I once heard. I would like to reiterate it for you so perhaps we can eliminate lawn care!

The first thing you do when you want to grow a nice lawn is pay a couple thousand dollars to quality sod, fair enough it is easy and looks goods. Alternatively you pay a few thousand for hydro seed and it looks alright, a nice blue pile of dirt! Now you have a pretty lawn and you are thinking “goodie I have a pretty lawn”.

Now you need to fertilize this pretty lawn and you spend another 100$ on fertilizer then another 100$ on a nice spreader to make it even and pretty! You spend hours carefully fertilizing it so it will grow! Now you need to water in the fertilizer and water it every few days!

Okay, so now you have the prettiest lawn in the neighborhood, good job, worth the money yet? Oh my, it is growing fast! Too fast now I am going to cut it, well why did you water, fertilize or heck even plant it, the end result is you have to mow it to shorten all the work you put in it, water and fertilizer is meant to make it grow so you can mow it? Fool!

It is no planted, fertilized, watered, and mowed, there can’t possibly be anything else? Oh, the grass cuttings are all over now you have to rake them and remove all the benefits of the fertilizer by removing the decomposing grass! Well you could go buy a mulching mower for around 400-500$, then you won’t have to rake.

In review, you have spent about 5,000$ on this lawn so far. You put hours and thousands into making it grow, only to have to cut it, I find that ironic and slightly foolish! Now you need to spend another couple thousand a year to keep it growing only to waste more time to cut it! What are people thinking? a freaking 15,000$ yard wide water feature would be less work, not to mention a make work project! Go water the lawn so you can cut it again sooner!


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