If You Cultivate It, It Will Die

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You are trying to grow a nice garden or some annuals or what have you. You water them daily and fertilize them regularly, heck you even talk to them. You have put everything you have into these little flowering things then the news tells you there is going to be a bad frost one night and you run outside with a blanket in your pyjamas to save these plants, you save them. The next day your neighbors cat pees on them and then your other neighbors cat digs them up! You just lost all that work, GONE!

Okay, maybe that was a bit extreme but the story stands true, if you put your heart into a plant doesn’t matter what it is, it could be the plant most suited to your area, it will die! You ask yourself WHY? It is a simple answer, you tried too hard and you wanted it to grow! As you looked at your slaughtered pansies for instance, you notice beside them there is a dandelion growing along just fine.

When you saw that dandelion feelings of hate and rage bubble up from inside you and you take your shovel to it with a fury never seen before! You think it is dead. The next day it springs back up! You go to the store to buy some round-up and you dump the bottle on it, it wilts. The next day it is back. Along with your sanity you plant is dead and the dandelion is there to stay.

The solution is to not put so much effort into it, if you just let it grow water it when it is hot out and please don’t talk to it or it will want to commit suicide! Just let it be and it will grow like a weed, better yet plant it and tell it not to grow then abuse it. If you do that it will shortly take over your yard! Just remember if you cultivate it, it will die! If you try to kill it, it will thrive!


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