Saturday, December 16

Modern Radio

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Recently it has come to my attention that the quality of the radio I am listening to as I write is declining! The radio I used to love would play the new stuff maybe 4 times a day, these days they play the new stuff every hours. I find that extremely annoying! Then you hear random old rock song no one liked back then played to break up the monotony of “I kissed a girl” and Miley Cyrus. The country stations however play a random assortment that isn’t as annoying of old and new and I can’t really complain about the country stations, good on them!

More then the overplay of the new songs that people enjoy (until they are overplayed and hated) is when they bring back something that had a globally mutual feeling of hate for it. A few prime examples could be a certain Britney or boys from the back streets, I was actually talking on the phone to friend and he had the radio on, they played that song he changed the station and E-mailed the station he would not listen to them for another week. I don’t know how far this feeling spreads but I know quite a few people of that opinion!

There is one more thing that bothers me about the radio, it is censoring! It is getting increasingly worse and worse as we go not only are they banning old songs by linkin park and theory of a deadman for suggestive or hateful themes or even language. They then turn around and play songs about strippers all up in the club. This pulls my last nerve as I cannot understand how that censoring works! The radio is MORE vulgar and offensive now then ever yet more and more good nearly clean songs are being called censored! With no further explanation! The only thing worse then actually banning the song from a station is getting some three year old to “beep” out the bad words. I say three year old because about 80% of the time they miss, you head “****” then a beep then the song continues. I ask myself, now what bloody good was that you interrupted the song with a beep AFTER the word already got drilled into my head, now you just sound like idiots!

Do not let our radio stations do this go toy our website and vote for better music or at least less crappy!


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