Overweight, Disease, or Conscience?

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I know this is a hot topic and will receive much criticism but I believe it is worth writing about, I am aware there are some cases where being overweight is an actual disease and this article is not directed at people who suffer from said. I apologize if this offends anyone who is actually dealing with a weight disease.

Now that I can talk freely, I spent a year working at a local fast food joint, ya I know not proud of it but we’ve all done it! One of my biggest pet peeves ever while working there was when I looked out the window and someone could barely get out of their car they were so out of shape or overweight. When the person comes in it took every fiber of my being to not say I will only sell you the salad if you aren’t interested in that we have water. I never did tell anyone that out of respect for people in general but the thought occurred more then once! People who eat fast food more then 3 times a week are unhealthy in the extreme once a week is more then we really should be eating fast food! I believe there should be a support system for people who cannot stop! There is not reason these people should have the life-style they have, it is so limiting not to mention can kill you and it’s not cheap!

I also object to people who refuse to exercise, or go for a 5 minute walk and think they are good for a week! I am an average person and I got for a run three times a week, as do most of my friends. Yes. I know people who cannot run, like my sister or a friend with disabilities but guess what? They are out walking 4-5 times a week putting me to shame! It doesn’t matter who you are you can get out and exercise a couple times a week! Aerobic exercise is best if you wanna eat out a lot or lose weight! I find it is easier when you have a friend going with you because you don’t really want to go but you are thinking well Billy is going to want to go so you call him and for for a walk, run or hike etc. Meanwhile on the other end Billy is thinking, ” I am so tired I should call Bob though he will want to go for a run. I wouldn’t want to let him down.” The end result is you both go for some exercise and aren’t upset or forced you are being nice to yourself and Billy or whoever your friend is!

Now these people are not overweight themselves, but they play a key role! I do not know many by name but I know deep down they are good people but they are just greedy. The guy who decided to invent “up-sizing” and pestering every customer to eat MORE to turn a better profit when fast food is already bad for you. Yes. Your right I don’t like him! Then there is the guy who decided to give free samples, enough said! Let us not forget the man who created the meals that cost only 2 dollars etc. They are about 10% food! Yet we all eat them because they are cheap just remember when you eat a burger a little video game “-1 Health point” appears above your head, if you don’t exercise to gain health points that isn’t good!

How many health points can you afford to lose before you lose a life?


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